ULM Canada is a distribution center offering a complete range of aeronautical products and services, and is the benchmark for the sale of new and used ultralights.

ULM Canada is also the official Canadian promoter of JMB Aircraft’s top-of-the-line VL3 and Evolution models, available and sold by VL3 Canada.


The VL3

The VL3 is a top-of-the-range all-carbon aircraft with unrivalled performance! With a cruising speed of between 150 and 200 knots, depending on the engine, exceptional comfort and maneuverability, and a remarkable flight range of 2300 km non-stop, it’s just the thing for long-distance flight enthusiasts!


DTA offers a range of comfortable and reliable two-seater tiltrotors.

DTA’s reputation is well established. These aircraft, renowned for their robustness, performance and high build quality, are still considered among the “top 3” best-sellers worldwide.