Ellipse-Delta is a designer and manufacturer of Delta wings for free flight and powered flight. Their reputation is well established! In fact, this company has many years’ experience in ultralight aviation.

Ellipse-Delta has created a new generation of high-performance wings that retain their flying qualities at both low and high speeds. Their wings are malleable, flexible and accessible to all pilots.

ULM Canada is proud to collaborate with Ellipse-Delta to offer you various services ranging from sales to maintenance/overhaul of your Fuji, Mystic, Dymanic 15-16, Diva and Magic wings.

The Alizé cart

Comfortable, sturdy and all-terrain, the Alizé is a single-seater tiltrotor that can be flown in small fields, for many hours of fatigue-free flying, with or without a motor.
Keep an eye on our website for a new two-seater coming soon!