ULM Canada is a distribution center offering a complete range of aeronautical products and services, and is the benchmark for the sale of new and used ultralights across the country. ULM Canada is also the official Canadian sponsor of JMB Aircraft’s top-of-the-line VL3 and Evolution models, available at VL3 Canada.

Our suppliers have been chosen and selected according to several criteria that are important to us. We believe that a business relationship must be based on good communication with each and every one of our partners. So being able to work and collaborate with people who are passionate, but also “approachable” and constantly striving to improve their products, are all reasons why we decided on this selection of companies/products.

Our mission

Offering products of the highest quality, safety, performance and state-of-the-art technology! What’s more, we’re committed to offering you a personalized service that reflects the unique person you are, and to listening to your needs.

Our values

PASSION above all!

The PASSION that drives us leads us to work with builders and suppliers who have the same values as we do, and who are also driven by the same feeling. Safety, reliability, performance and quality are all values that are prioritized and conveyed through the products we offer.

Bernard Rouer, Chairman

Founder and chief instructor at Aviation Rou-Air flight school, Mr. Rouer has, over the years, developed numerous contacts in the aeronautical community, both across Canada and internationally. His engaging personality, sense of honor and passion have led to a number of business partnerships, which in turn led him to create ULM Canada.

An experienced instructor and Transport Canada pilot examiner with over 15,000 hours of ultralight flying experience, Mr. Rouer’s reputation is well-established, and we can even affirm that he is the reference in Quebec when it comes to ultralight flying.

Julie Trépanier, Operations Manager

A trained criminologist and former penal mediator for Réseau Équijustice, Julie Trépanier has been very active in the company for many years.

Having recently decided to devote herself entirely to reorganizing the operations of the Aviation Rou-Air flight school, the ULM Canada distribution center and the creation of VL3 Canada, she oversees the day-to-day commercial and organizational operations of the various companies, as well as being in charge of customer service.

Gathering, authentic and concerned about meeting the needs of our customers, she is the perfect person to coordinate everything!

Julie et Bernard