DTA, the ULM philosophy, the aeronautical requirement!

From the incomparable all-terrain Voyageur, ideal for long-distance flying, to the fluidity of the Combo, DTA offers you a range of comfortable and reliable two-seater tilts. The “Cantilever” mast with no front bar, its “Speed system” and its “ergonomic hull” seats are three of the company’s famous signatures. DTA’s reputation is well established. These aircraft, renowned for their robustness, performance and high build quality, are still considered among the “top 3” best-sellers worldwide, and are recognized as the aircraft that age well over time!**.

With its Magic mastless and Diva wings, DTA has created a new generation of high-performance wings that retain their low-speed flying qualities and are accessible to all pilots.aIts founder, Jean-Michel Dizier, has succeeded over the years in surpassing himself, innovating and building machines that stand the test of time! His famous “Voyageur” has often been the subject of “reports” of all kinds. We can think of Olivier Aubert, who has made several expeditions around the world(http://www.trike-expeditions.com) , to Odile Rablat who crossed Canada twice (http://odile-rablat.com) or Andreas Zmuda and Doreen Kroeber (http://trike-globetrotter.com) who circumnavigated the globe aboard their Voyageur DTA.


At present, DTA no longer builds new aircraft. However, we still work closely with them and provide full after-sales service for all DTA spare parts, as well as for all aircraft in circulation. Contact us for more information. https://ulmcanada.ca/contact/

Why choose a DTA?

  • For her safety;
  • For the builder’s attention to detail and the nobility of the materials used ;
  • For ergonomics and comfort;
  • For its sturdiness, finish and excellent resale value;
  • For its many flying qualities and all-terrain capabilities ;
  • For its excellent after-sales service.


Extraordinary all-terrain, equipped as standard with large aircraft tires, 3 braked wheels… the Voyageur will take you anywhere. Used in the harshest conditions, it has proven to be exceptionally resistant, reliable and easy to use. What’s more, its cantilever mast (with no front bar) gives you tremendous in-flight visibility that you won’t want to do without! It is available with or without a fairing.


Let the Combo surprise you! You’ll discover a clear reduction in drag thanks to non-triangulated struts, and perfect damping even when landing hard at maximum load. In flight, it’s the feeling of being at one with the machine, the lightness and precision of the piloting that you’ll feel first and foremost. Available without fairing and in Combo Surf and Combo FC versions.